About Us

You might ask how we are different?  Well, while a rose may be on a bush of many, it will still be different in a few, but important ways.

*Our sabbats are timed with an ephemeris, or planetary calendar, to arrive at our time of celebration.  This ensures that we are gathering at essentially the same time every year, and that events occur at an evenly spaced way.  This not only eases the flow of our holy days but helps to fix the idea of our year as a constantly turning wheel  which becomes, for us, The Wheel of the Year.

So rather than Samhain happening at October 31st, we have it set at 15 degrees Scorpio.  In 2011, this was on November 8th.

* To reflect how we view life, and the turning of the Wheel, our elemental and directional association are a bit different than you might otherwise see them.  For us, East is ruled by earth, South by fire, West by water, and North by air.

*Each element and direction also has an associated magical tool.  We hold that a tool of an element should not be able to be consumed by the element it represents:  Fire would burn a wand, for example.  Our associations are:  [entacle/earth, athame/fire, chalice-cup-cauldron/water, and wand/air.

*Oak Henge has three levels:  One, our outlying community.  Two, our grove, or outer court, which includes all members–the initiates, students, dedicants and hearth kin, or extended family, and three, our coven or inner court which houses our initiates only, and would include first through third degree holders, high priest and priestess, and elders.

* There are other differences, but they are held secret.  While Wicca is a nature based religeon, it also has its mysteries which must be experienced, and not told!

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