On Being a Seeker of the Path

Being a practitioner or believer in Witchcraft and Wicca is not a simple or easy path.  It draws those who already feel something that calls to them.  Going from a solitary situation to seeking to work within a group can be a bit more challenging.  One puts the capitol S on the word Seeker, and the work begins.

We say the work begins, because at this juncture in particular the work is entirely the seeker’s.  Finding groups, doing your homework on their structure and beliefs, talking to them, being sure you’d feel comfortable sharing space and community, and the all important spiritual aspects are extremely important.

There are groups out there that are very active and visible in the community, and for many reasons this is good.  Often a visible port in the storm is a first touch-point.  Problems arise when doors are thrown open to any and all persons,sometimes even recruitment scenarios are played out, and various forms of human nature begin presenting themselves:  Problems of ego, personality conflicts, abuse in its many forms, and sadly, unchecked mental illness issues use this spiritual venue to act themselves out-to great drama.  What can result from that is a splintering of the community that is harmful to everyone.

Oak Henge Grove leaves the beginning steps to the seeker.  The seeker makes the first contact through either this site, WitchVox, or Facebook contact.  Our Neophyte classes are begun once a year in late January or mid February–usually.  This is not written in stone.  After contact is made, an intake form is sent to the seeker to fill out, and shortly thereafter a meeting between the seeker and the Grove is made so that each may evaluate the other to see if there is a ‘fit’ between the two.  Classes are not held in a public venue, and so there is a need for comfort to be felt by everyone, as the classroom is often someone’s home.

The Seekers we usually see and admit to our classes are beyond the point of “Oh, it’s Thursday so I’ll give this a poke and a try” stage.  This is a spiritual calling, not a ‘for-fun’ lark.

Own being a Seeker; it has much value.  Be sure of your decisions.  Groups and persons who come looking for the seeker should bear a lot of scrutiny from the seeker.