Welcome to  Oak Henge Grove!

Oak Henge Grove was founded December of 2010.  It is descended from a lineage that has been in existence for over thirty years now.  Our practices and belief systems are eclectic and syncretic, embracing traditional Wiccan ideas and reverence of nature, while keeping sacred our initiatory mysteries.

Oak Henge takes as its emblems three things:  The Oak tree (the Live Oak hereabouts), the stone circle, or Henge, and the Dragon.

  • We look to the strength, stability, beauty, and knowledge of the Oak, as well as the water, soil, sun, and air that comprise its birth and existence.
  • We revere the mystery and secrets of the Earth evident in an old circle of stones, as well as the yearly wheel-the movements of the sun and moon-that it can represent.
  • Balancing these with fiery breath and airy wing, is the inspiration and trans-formative magic inherent in the Dragon.

Oak Henge Grove is an eclectic Grove and Coven, but with strong traditional foundation.  We are a teaching and working group.  We celebrate the eight Sabbats of the year, as well as the phases of the moon.  To those who are interested, we teach our way of spiritual reverence and practice in class form.

We are also an initiatory tradition.  We have a five level, three degree system of practice, training, and achievement.

As a nature religion,  our beliefs are garnered from what we observe and experience in viewing life, as well as our highest hopes and ideals.  We see nature and deity as having a polarity we view as female and male: Goddess and God.  They exist equally,  neither more important than nor less,  than the other.  Without either, there would be no life.

Oak Henge Grove does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, gender, or sexual preference.  The classes and ritual group work we offer do not require initiation.  Nor do we promise it.  Initiation is something achieved after study, practice, honorable intent, mutual respect, the demonstration of being ready, willing, and able, and the agreement of Spirit.  While we do not discriminate on basis of age, we do not take on students below the age of 21 without the signed agreement of parents or guardians.  Before becoming students, everyone goes through a screening  and interview.  This is to ensure a safe, comfortable learning environment and spiritual practice for everyone.  Also, we teach in private homes  so we require confidentiality, and the ability to get to class under your own steam. We ask our students to treat it like one would a class in college, with respect to your teacher and fellow students.  This includes:  responsibility, promptness, courtesy, and preparedness.